About Us


We are Clear Mitigation LLC, Property Damage Aid Specialists serving Arizona.

As a licensed and certified mitigation company, we specialize in 24 Hour Emergency Restoration, Water & Flood Restoration, Mold Remediation and Contents Restoration

The elimination or reduction of the magnitude, or severity of exposure to risks, or minimization of the potential impact of a threat or warning.

We take great pride in our level of service and professionalism. Our proof is in our ability to work under time and situational constraints.

Our extensive experience and industry knowledge makes Clear Mitigation uniquely qualified to address each and every claim. We do our best to:

  • Anticipate the needs of the insured
  • Effectively coordinate with overseeing agents
  • Speak the complex language of insurance companies

As a result, we will do whatever it takes to ensure we get the job done while exceeding your expectations.

Meet Our Team